Free Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Instead of paying through the nose for a designer bathroom why not design it yourself? Designing your bathroom yourself isn’t difficult, it could save you a lot of money and it’s very satisfying. Here are some ideas that will give you a head start.

Measure your bathroom and draw it to scale

The first thing you should do is measure and draw out your existing bathroom on a sheet of squared paper. Try to be as accurate as you can because every inch might count depending on what you want to get in your new bathroom and how much space you have to play with.

Measure the distance between opposite walls on both sides of the room in case the room is wider at one end than the other. Measure floor to ceiling and the position and size of windows including the depth of the window. Also measure the size, position and shape of any irregularities in the room such as pipework.

Draw plans of your bathroom looking down from the ceiling and looking directly at each wall. When you’ve finished you should have five drawings on squared paper and a set of measurements to go with it. Take these, together with a tape measure, with you wherever you go because you will need to refer to then often.

Don’t start by looking in magazines and bathroom showrooms

Magazines and showrooms are trying to sell you something and they will naturally go out of their way to show things in the most appealing way, which may not always be the most practical or realistic way for you. You will be using these resources of course but leave them until you have a better idea of what it is you want in your new bathroom design.

Use a digital camera

Take a digital camera with you wherever you go and use it to record everything you see. Make a note of what each image is about and carefully file it away on your computer for later reference. You will be amazed how useful this technique can be and most people don’t think of doing it.

Visit your friends

Your friends are often the best resource for bathroom remodeling ideas that you have available to you. Go and visit each and every one of your friends and ask them if you can take a good look at their bathroom. Most people are more than happy to oblige especially if they have recently had their bathroom rebuilt.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about what they like and what they don’t like in their bathroom. Make a note of designs that you like and where you saw them so that you can refer to them later.

Most people will either have remodeled their bathroom in the last few years or know of someone who has. If your friend knows of someone with a new bathroom ask them if they can arrange for you to go and see it. The more you see the better.

Use real estate agents to view bathrooms in houses for sale

Visit the real estate agents in your area and ask them to show you properties with new or nearly new bathrooms. They will be only too pleased to do it for you and you will end up getting a lot of ideas from this. Don’t mention to the agent why you are doing it, just tell them that you want to live in a property with a great bathroom.

Some people might feel uneasy doing this but don’t be because I think that it’s a great way to get fresh ideas to design your new bathroom with and it might be more in the agents interest than you think. I’ve known people do this and end up buying one of the properties that they viewed because they loved the bathroom and realised that it would be much easier and cost effective to move instead of remodel their own bathroom.

Buy some magazines

Go down to the newsagent and pick up a few magazines on home improvement and bathrooms remodeling. Now that you have an idea of what you are looking for you will be able get most benefit from the articles, adverts and glossy photographs.

Visit showrooms

When you have a good idea of what it is you want and how you want your bathroom to look you can go visit all the showrooms. Look for items that would fit with your ideas and make a note of them. Don’t forget to take digital pictures too; they will all help when you come to make buying decisions.

Pick up brochures on home improvement and bathroom remodeling

Always pick up as many brochures as you can find when touring the showrooms. Circle the items that you are interested in and make sure you write down prices and thoughts that you have at the time.

Use the Internet

Last but not least, make full use of the Internet to find product specifications, contractors and ideas on web sites like this one How to get inspiration and plan your bathroom remodeling idea

Have fun remodeling your bathroom.

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