Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Do you have a small bathroom to remodel?

Would you like to have a gleaming new bathroom but you’re afraid that your tiny toilet just isn’t big enough to turn into the ceramic heaven that you want?

Get to know your bathroom and spend time designing your new one

Before you write off the idea completely why not sit down with a few sheets of square graph paper and try out a few different ideas. Measure your bathroom accurately then draw it to scale on square paper so that you can see exactly where everything is.

When you’ve got an accurate drawing of your bathroom as it is now it’s time to start dreaming about the bathroom that you would like to have. Put your current bathroom drawing aside and get a blank piece of graph paper. Draw the outline of your bathroom on this sheet of graph paper. Now take another piece of paper and draw accurate scale drawings of the things that you want to get into your new bathroom.

Cut out the shapes that you’ve drawn and try to arrange them on the outline of your bathroom. Because you only have a small bathroom you might need to be creative, especially if you want to get more into your new bathroom than you had in your old one.

An example of a small bathroom remodeling project

I recently remodeled my own small bathroom to make it more inviting and to add a shower cubicle to the room so that we didn’t have to shower in the bath. The remodeling ideas all started when I dropped something into the bath tub and cracked it. I wasn’t popular for doing that and I wasn’t looking forward to the project but I love it to bits now it’s done. You can read all about how I did it in the article Idea for Remodeling a Small Bathroom.

Ideas to help solve the small bathroom problem

Put a radiator high on the wall

If you have a radiator taking up wall space consider putting it higher up. This could free up space for a sink or toilet.

Place the bathtub in the middle of the room

If you are limited in where you can put the bathtub by pipework and uneven walls then think about putting it in the middle of the room away from all the walls. This doesn’t work all the time but it might be an option for you.

Redesign the layout of the bathroom

Use your squared paper and cut-outs to test different layouts. It’s amazing how many ideas it can give you.

Use a shaped shower cubicle

You can save space by using a shower cubicle with curved sides in place of a square one. It will probably cost a little more but if space is a premium then it could be worth it.

Install a sliding door

A door that doesn’t need space in the room to open can give you more options.

Use wall mirrors

Mirrors can only give the impression of space but they are very effective at doing just that.

Install storage cupboards

Providing plenty of storage space up high means that the floor won’t get cluttered with cosmetics, towels and cleaning materials.

I hope that you can see that even a small bathroom can be transformed into a dream if it’s designed and planned well. Remember to take a look at how I remodeled my tiny little bathroom and added a shower cubicle while I was at it.

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